Fun Stuff We Can Do in the Lockdown to Have Laughs and Keep Active

So we’re in the lockdown, stuck in our flats and apartments and houses, and there’s not that much to do. Watching TV will get you coronavirus on just about every channel, so what else can you do to lighten the mood a bit?

Well, if you are at home with your family, try these:

He said she said. For this you need a sheet of paper, A4, for each person and a pen each. On the top line of each paper you write “Boys name” leave a line then write “met” then leave a line and write “Girls name” The idea is that ach person writes the name of a boy or male that is known to everyone, then you fold the paper over to cover that name and you pass it to the person next to you, and they write the next thing, which is a girls name that everyone will recognise. Then as you fold the paper down the following items are: “at” ie they met at such and such a place, then “he wore”, “she wore”, “he said”, “She said”, “he replied”, “she replied”, “then they..”

Once each person has written his story next to each item, folded it over, passed it on and then repeated all this for each item, you pass it on one more time, then each person unfolds the paper they have and they read the story aloud.

The results are usually hilarious, as it usually goes something like this:

Rafael Nadal met Goldilocks at a 7’s rugby game. He said “Wanna play pool?” She said “How dare you, you scallywag!” He replied “I’m tired of this conversation!” She replied “The night is still young. Let’s dance” Then they Bought a tent and went camping in the Himalayas.

Because it’s a bunch of different people writing each line, each following their own story the results are usually very funny!

Broken Picture: Similar to the above. Each person gets a piece of A4 paper, and you draw a person or being. First each person draws just the head and then folds it over so the two lines of the neck are left showing, to show the next person he passes it to, where to carry on with the chest and arms. And so it carries on until the feet / paws are done, then you fold it over and pass it to the next person again, and then each person opens it and shows the rest of the group what they have drawn. Also great for laughs!

If you are at home alone, you can binge on all those time wasting games that you normally avoid because “I’ve got things to do!” such as Solataire (on the computer or with real cards!), Soduku number games, logic puzzles, Wordsearch games, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, codecracker games (all found in old newspapers you have lying around.) and of course any game you like off the internet if you have access to that.

You could also write articles like this one to encourage other people – there are many internet sites that will help you to do this. You could put your photos up on Instagram and see how many people like them, quite fun.

it’s also good to exercise, and it can be done in a small area. I had a heart attack a while ago and was recuperating for a month at home, and I didn’t want to go outside because it was winter and I was unsure if I would have another attack, but I managed to walk a kilometer in my 3×4 metre square kitchen by using a figure 8 type of “track.” I later also walked 2km inside the house by using a measured route through all the rooms, and it’s not a big house. Just saying, it can be done!

So don’t get miserable! Get active, get busy, and go ballistic! This lockdown has many advantages, and we can just ignore the negative for now.

Have fun, coz you can!

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