How Can I Reduce My Child’s Fever Without Using Medicine?

If your kid has a fever and you don’t have access to ibuprofen or acetaminophen, you can give a go to a non-medical approach to reduce your kid’s fever.

Here it’s important to keep in mind that lowering your kid’s fever can’t help you cure the underlying problem or illness. Actually, you get a fever when your body is trying to fight infection. However, it’s important to bring the fever under control if it’s too high. Your kid shouldn’t feel too dehydrated or uncomfortable. Given below are a few methods you can try at home. Read on to know more.

Your first approach is to put a cool, damp cloth on the forehead of your kid. Make sure your kid is lying on the bed while you perform this treatment.

Your second approach should be to give your kid a sponge or lukewarm bath. Water evaporation leaves the skin cool and brings the fever down. It’s not a good idea to use cold water for this purpose. Cold water will make your kid shiver, which may increase his fever further. In the same way, it’s not recommended that you use rubbing alcohol either as it may cause alcohol poisoning or temperature spikes.

Ask your kid to drink plenty of fluids. You can opt for yogurt and ice pops, for instance, to reduce the temperature from the inside. Hydration helps cool down your body. Ideally, your kid should drink as much water as they can. Make sure the water is cool, not cold.

You can also use a fan. However, make sure the air is not too cold. So, it’s important to keep the settings low. The air should circulate around them instead of blowing directly on their face.

Ask your kid to remove the extra layers of clothing. This will help your kid lose heat through their skin. Moreover, you might want to dress her in a single layer. However, the layer should be light. If she starts shivering, you can put a blanket on her until she feels better again. However, make sure the blanket is warm.

If you are indoors, the place should be cool. If you are outdoors, make sure you stay in the shade of a tree or something.

Here, it’s a must that you call the doctor right immediately if your kid is under 3 months old. If your baby’s age is under 3 months and her fever is 101 degrees or worse, you need a doctor. On the other hand, if she is more than 6 months old, you need a doctor’s assistance if her temperature is 102 degrees.

Regardless of your kid’s age, you might want to call the doctor, especially if she has many other symptoms as well, such as purple spots or difficulty breathing. Generally, these symptoms are signs of a bacterial infection. In this case, you can do nothing except contact a doctor.

Long story short, these are a few effective approaches that you can use to lower your kid’s temperature if you can’t get medical attention due to some reason.

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