How To Successfully Deal With SADNESS

Is it sadness or depression, or, maybe physical pain that’s a part of your life you’re finding hard to cope with?

Whether the pain is connected to sadness or that of a broken bone, people are more likely to listen to someone who’s actually experienced what they are feeling, felt what they’ve felt, or, pained the way they did or still do. Not for one minute am I implying you ignore medical advice, but rather saying, a shoulder to cry on in some cases is by far the best medicine.

Feeling slightly hypocritical because I’m the complete opposite (no shoulder needed). I fight my emotions alone and therefore others only hear what I want them to hear. But you… if you’re struggling to cope, reach out.

It’s frustrating when people don’t fully understand the extent of your sadness. But how can they know if you bottle up your feelings. Someone that can relate to your every angle of hurting because they’ve been where you are, is the best person to open up too. Pain is pain, so whether it’s your pain, his pain, her pain, their pain, it doesn’t change for each individual, it’s the exact same for us all, what does differentiate between individuals is our coping mechanisms.

Sadness is a typical outcome of an unhappy event and can instigate depression. To prevent having to fight both you need to stop taking sadness to bed with you, waking up with sadness, walking with sadness, or whatever. An emotion as such is frequently experienced after losing a loved one either through death or through circumstance… sadly shit happens, but it is all about making good of a bad situation. Whether its God up above or another you blame for your loss and for bringing you sadness, try forgiving them.

Forgiveness is a great form of therapy for a troubled mind. The quicker you come to terms with what has been and done, you can move on and be happy again. It’s very likely there will be flashbacks of those sad moments you found hard to cope with, but hey, the past is the past.

Forgiveness… whether you give it, or, seek it, what does it matter as long as the hurting disappears.

If there is room in your heart and find you can do this, it is then you’ll realize just how happiness is going to be much greater to have in your 2020 than sadness.

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